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    @DCMonkey:Last post would seem logical but I can't see how announcing a new product of my own making compromises any of Word[ress's terms and conditions?

    Here is that post (minus some screen shots of the app):


     I needed to loose a few pounds after Christmas (6 so far!) and found I was a little bewildered by the number and variety of diet programs along with the amount of abstract advice I was being given.

    Now everyone of us is different and for sure there is a diet plan out there that will fit you like a glove  (at least until you lose a few pounds).

    This app covers the popular diet programs of the day and features real people talking about their own experiences with each diet.  The videos range from introductions of what constitutes the diet and how best to start, to peoples' own experiences at various stages in to the diet.

    You can save the most useful videos, reviewing them as often as you like. and new videos are published daily allowing you to follow someone else's' progress (perhaps before 'jumping in' yourself!)

    <Images of App>

    Take a look at the screenshots above or jump straight in and try the App, and good luck with your diet!

    Which Diet - Free ad- supported version.


    The more I think about it the more I figure it must just be a silly mistake on their part?

    Did I miss something you think?