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Working for Microsoft!

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    The closest I will probably get but I am (about to finish as) the dev for the Windows 8 Airport tour in the UK. Had a fun time doing Win8 App / WPF / MVC / SQL Server and Sockets, not to mention playing with the latest gear (Vaios, Pros and some cool new Ultrabooks). Will write up on my blog when I get back later this week. (No all nighters but we did stay up till 5am one night prepping the machines).

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    We build lots of Windows Phone and Windows 8 apps for Microsoft. But they're all internal for Microsoft so can't say anything about them Smiley

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    @Harlequin:New territory for me and great fun.  Better check if I am not supposed to say anything I guess ... hmmmm.

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    @Ian2: The Microsoft ninjas are on their way as I type this... Devil

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