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    , fanbaby wrote


    This wont impress the die heard MSFT fans who keep on staying in their ghetto of XAML, dotnet, PowerShell, NuGET, DirectX (which still rule, I admit) etc. 

    Especially DirectX, after all what's Microsoft got?

    The OpenGL programming is the part that's impressive. The fact that it runs in a browsers not so much.

    It's odd that you feel the need to gloat about this and in turn bring up Microsoft technologies that aren't intended for this particular use case, which I admit is neat and entertaining but, in the grand scheme of things, is pretty worthless to anything whose goal is not simply to make you say "Hey, that's neat!". Maybe WebGL could be used for data visualization in a business use case, but then the application layers that matter most in that scenario would be the service and business layers on the server-side, which is the domain in which "ghetto" .NET really shines.

    And it's really odd that you call these Microsoft technologies "ghetto", when the term is more appropriately applied to the application stacks that you particularly hold dear. Having to piece together components of an all-OSS stack from 15 different websites and having to configure them to work together is the very definition of "ghetto". I've had machines with 3 running instances of Apache web server and 3 different instances Python. These framework pieces (Apache, Python, Django, whatevs) were so poorly hacked together, the applications couldn't be configured to run off the same instance of Apache/Python.