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Wow, they deleted my thread

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    pljprogramm​er  -> GONE!

    I guess either the entry level person who moderates this board thought it was spam, or I guess they deemed it a solicitation for business (which it was).

    So let me ask in a roundabout way:  where's the best place to find a developer for hire?  


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    @pljprogrammer: Not on Channel 9... Do this somewhere else.


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    Don't know, we are developer, not job hunters. But, if you are looking for .Net web developers, go to because they have a forum dedicated to job hunting and stuff.

    Leaving WM on 5/2018 if no apps, no dedicated billboards where I drive, no Store name.
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    Dear PJ, if there's an entry level person here that's the one that does not read the forum before posting and mistakenly believes this is a job board.

    I'm just sayin'.

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    So let me ask in a roundabout way:  where's the best place to find a developer for hire?  

    • SA have a Jobs Thread, but you need to pay yer 10bux to join.
    • I recommend avoiding GetAFreelancer and, too many low-quality bidders.
    • AuthenticJobs is good.
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    @PaoloM: Sorry if I insulted you! Smiley  But I don't go to all the fancy conferences you professionals go to to network.  So I need a quick and dirty recommendation.  I knew about and GetAFreelancer, but AuthenticJobs, which W3bbo mentioned, is a new one to me so thanks.

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    @W3bbo: thanks a bundle.  The AuthenticJobs site looks good, and they give a money back guarantee if you can't find a developer, which is handly when you are paying $75 to $250 (since I hate it when a site has little traffic and just takes your money).

    The other recommendation, "Something Awful" sounds like a bad joke.  Looking at their Wikipedia page ( I'm surprised I've never heard of it, and that they are somehow still in business since they seem one step removed from a bunch of hackers having some fun.  I don't know if I'd post there anymore than Craigslist, but I guess it's an option.

    Thanks again, I appreciate it and I've bookmarked these sites.

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