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View Thread: Wow, what's wrong with people?
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    The news about Sinofsky is pretty big, and I don't know how I feel about Julie Larson-Green taking over, but I do know how I feel about the comments being made.

    Read the comments on this site alone. It's pretty much the same everywhere. Nearly half of all comments I've read have been sexist idiocy. "Babe", "hawt", "VPILF" and other such comments have no room anywhere, much less as comments on stories like these.

    "Eye candy??? A babe???  Pre-facelift, _maybe_.  Post-op, a huge disaster!  Did you see her pulled up lip???  ***???  She looks like a mangled piece of plastic.  I honestly feel bad, as she's clearly trying to play some feminine beauty card in a highly competitive male-dominated corporate environment.  Sad really that she felt the need to go under the knife."

    Really? Who let the Neanderthals in?