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    , TexasToast wrote

    @vesuvius: That's a lot doom and gloom.   I happen to believe what ketch just said that WINRT will grow to cover all of desktop apps and Windows 8 store apps.   We will all use our favorite managed language to call into the OS.   .NET is dead.  (long live WinRT)  

    sad thing is that I think he is just about spot on with that he wrote....  MS has managed to really get a lot of folks to have no faith in MS from the developer side of things with all the platform switching / mixed up messages and failure to better explain what they are doing. that and the way that so many folks have went to iPads and mac and android ... and the lack of news about stuff that is supposed to keep going but given the history with MS that tends to mean it's next in line to get the old boot...

    as far as I can tell unless MS pulls a major change in what they are doing this is the end of a lot of things at MS and the end of many developers spending more time on the MS platform.

    in 2000 when .net came out I was loving it. in 2013 I wonder if it will be put on the shelf like an old DVD and forgotten about in 10 years.

    sure things change and all that but I feel that we are seeing some great stuff go to trash due to bad management and leadership at MS.