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    Looking at there is just nothing there for the majority of developers on the Microsoft stack

    Looking at there are less than a tenth of WPF jobs there were a year go, and not even 1% of the jobs are Windows 8 Metro, where WPF and Silverlight were being invested in heavily by stock markets, scientific and engineering disciplines, and Rx was the best thing since sliced bread.

    A number of big businesses are now heterogeneous, in developing iOS and Android as Microsoft have lost the trust of their core developers. I am seeing people moving away from SQL due to the 2012 licensing so even though 60 million licenses of Windows have been sold, talk to me about VS 2012.

    The Windows 8 XAML stack will never take off, unless they honor their legacy in investing in the desktop, so the hard decision they need to make, is to continue to lose market share to iOS and Android while people wait in the hope of forcing people into Metro land, or do the sensible thing and invest equally in both

    Microsoft do themselves the worst amount of damage, vocally deprecating their platforms and saying they will continue to be supported, rather than praising their rich platforms and introducing new stacks like Metro without rubbishing what they did previously.

    That is why pretty much everyone who worked on their core desktop platforms have left the company