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XBOX Music launch tomorrow?

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  • Ian2

    Due with the new dashboard update tomorrow and installed by default on Windows 8 and Phone 8.

    IMO The free ad-supported streaming could be the key to success - nice move!

    Shame it isn't available for Phone 7 though.

  • Bas

    The free ad-supported streaming only works for the first six months, it seems. AFAIK, Spotify does that virtually forever, with the limit of a certain hours of streaming per month. I think I like the spotify method better, since I never really hit that limit but will want to keep using it for free after six months.

    Still, it's looking good. And amazingly, it's apparently going to be available outside of the US, Canada, and the UK.

  • Michael Butler

    Looking forward to it. Hopefully my current Zune account can be "upgraded" easily.

    Are Microsoft not risking the wrath of the EU by "bundling" a free ad supported streaming app with Windows 8?


  • wkempf

    @Bas:I didn't read it that way. What's there for only 6 months is unlimited ad-supported streaming, and after 6 months they'll limit the hours ala Spotify.

    Edit: From the official web site: "**Free streaming limited to 10/hours momth after 6 months; unlimited with paid subscription. Compatible devices and internet required; ISP fees apply. On TV, Xbox Music is streaming only and requires an Xbox 360 console and additional subscriptions (each sold separately). Some Xbox Music content may not be available via Xbox Music Pass, and may vary over time and by region."

  • wkempf

    @Michael Butler:Not just from the EU. This is exactly what they got in trouble with the DoJ for here in the US. It's the browser wars all over again. Microsoft is obviously betting on several factors: they aren't #1 anymore and the two companies ahead of them are both doing the same thing. Hope it works out for them, as I think "bundling" is what one should expect here, and it shouldn't be something companies are punished for.

  • Bas

    @wkempf: Ah, much better. Thanks for the clarification.

  • JohnAskew

    MS is planning to provide versions for Android and iOS? That's nice of them... kind of takes the DoJ element off the table, no?

  • wkempf

    @JohnAskew: That's not relevant. If they bundle it "out of the box" with the OS, they risk law suits. Microsoft is no longer acting timid here... like they did in the "lost years".

  • Ian2

    Just fired up my XBOX but no Prompts yet ....

  • JohnAskew

    iTunes comes loaded on iOS, I'm guessing, as I've never used any of Apples' wares - ever.

    If this is true, then I see no difference with this...

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