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XBOX to run Windows 8 apps?

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    Quote from the MS/Dell blurb:

    "Consider the game officially changed. With all
    your favorite Windows 8 apps able to be run on
    and synced to your Xbox One"

    Hope I am reading that correctly.


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    They kind of hinted at this being the case at Build this year. Day two keynote, they had a small app they built with Visual Studio and running on the Xbox one. Didn't realize it truly shared Windows 8 apps, rather than being a custom app specifically targeting the Xbox though. If so, that's pretty cool.

    Wonder if this means it has mostly full support for Windows 8 .net framework, or if you have to use portable class libraries like you do right now with Xbox 360...

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    I was waiting for this. But more inline with playing Window 8 games.

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    There's no way this is going to happen. It's not in Microsoft's DNA. Instead they'll create another derivation of WinRT, say WinXRT, and make you port your app. Since it's all XAML/.Net/C# you'll have instant skills transfer though! Yeah! Devil

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    Could be bad for some people.  With 2 version of Angry Birds, you get double the gamerscore if you play both versions.  On the plus side, you pay for 1 and it works on win8 and xbone.  I guess game saves would be on the cloud.  They already have some games that are cross platform though.

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    I don't know... I believe this is where Microsoft is going, but I don't think they would just wait until the last moment to announce that the XBox One will support all Windows Store apps.  The apps will not have been created for use with Kinect or an XBox controller, nor will they have been tested in such an environment.

    Wait, nevermind, this is Microsoft... they probably would do exactly this.

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