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    , Sven Groot wrote


    Then it's a shame that you let your obsession with gamer score ruin your enjoyment of games. I'm sorry for you.

    Even Shawn Wildermuth admits to being a gamerscore *.  The whole point of gaming is the satisfaction of winning.  And what a great way to enjoy winning is to get a reward that lasts forever.  I can go back in my gaming history and almost re-live the moments be looking at my cheevos.  I have proof and I can compare against other gamers.  What if I'm talking to a group of people and I say, "I got 5/5 on all the dance central 2 songs on hard"  Then some other dude say, "Yeah me too".  I can then say, "Oh yeah, what's your gamertag.  I'll look it up on my phone".  Gamerscore is very important to me and to many other people.


    As for Xeets, I could be wrong about how great they will be, but we will find out soon.