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    , figuerres wrote


    and a cable card slot !!!!!

    then no need for windows media center on the pc.

    for folks who do not know this most cable companies charge about 15 to 20 USD a month for an HD PVR set top box.

    a cable card is only about 3-4 USD a month.

    the XBOX with PVR functions and a cable card can replace the set top box and you save around 10-14 USD a month on your cable bill.

    look at what that means after 2-3 years of savings !!

    other than the card slot the only other thing MS needs to do is put the WMC channel guide features into the XBOX system.  not much work and it would make the new XBOX way better for folks who want to do that.


    just to clarify my post a bit ...

    i saw the list of specs and did not read the whole post (MY Bad)

    all i was wanting is a good new spec for the new xbox that includes the cable card.

    forget the OEM stuff.

    lets just have a new xbox with updated hardware specs and OS. no need for all the windows 8 / OEM / VHD stuff....

    and i do not want cable companies having different xboxes that they rent to users! 

    i want my own box that i can do what i want to and take it with me when i move etc...