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XNA creators club got major changes ?

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    CKurt looks to be the new ? Is this right? They changed the name but nowhere in the news you can find references to XNA creators club.

    And why only tell people about Xbox and Phone Development? XNA runs on windows to, but this seems to have got lost in the caption?


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    Yes I also noticed that. Feels like XNA suddenly got de-ranked or something. And now you really have to scroll all the way down to find the XNA forums.

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    @BitFlipper: Also, the XNA content at PDC and TechEd is really really low. I'm doing my thesis about design patterns for game and am finding very little content worth watching.

    XNA might be getting deranked because of the 3 minute load times on the phone? They might want Silverlight games instead?

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    .NET could use some blazing fast deserialization built into the CLR with native code. Whatever it does right now is just unusable, I had to change to using protobuf-net because the BCL deserialization was so ridiculously slow. I'd say, if you take more time to deserialize stuff than it takes for a physical storage capable of 300 MB/s to read it from a single sequential file, then you're doing it wrong. Of course it could be that it's not theoretically possible to deserialize every possible type of object at the full speed but it seems the current implementation is doing things the slowest way possible for everything (atleast the trivial stuff I tested). It would seem the whole thing was built for some cross-network-version-platform scenario and performance wasn't a priority.

    Another argument could be that, don't use deserialize to load data like lists of objects but then you'd have to parse the data and construct the objects! Why would I want to do that? Loading and saving state is requirement of most apps, it should be built-in (to BCL+CLR) with performance in mind. It should be possible to just sort of "unhibernate" the objects & state selectively (where the object construction has no side effects).

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