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    @wkempf:I wanted to like Xbox Music. I got a one year sub last june based on Zune. it was easy to use, great music discovery, synced well, ripped cds and worked with Windowsphone 7. This could only get better with Xbox Music - right?

    No. Almost everything is broken to one degree or another. The cloud concept doesn't work so you need decent syncing with Windows 8 and Windowsphone 8. Unfortunately you don't get that in the new world of Xbox Music. The Zune website also allowed streaming when you were not at home on your own PC and that has gone. Podcasts don't work outside the USA.

    Right now I am managing music with iTunes as the best Windows based tool for managing music on Windows 8. I have a subscription until June now. Unless they rapidly improve things I am going to Spotify once they have a Windowsphone 8 app. My other alternative is to dig out an ipod and use that! I can't believe Microsoft have made such a mess of music....