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Xbox Kinect SDK toughts

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    A small wrap-up:

    # A laptop mounted on a chair to drive it arround (really cool but wait for my point)
    # A laptop in a backpack mounted to somebody's back to drive the kinect

    It's obvious we don't only need a windows drive. We need a Windows Embedded Compact driver so the hardware and power consumption can be reduced greatly! And all these project become more portable. Any news on that ?

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    My guess is that MS is leaving that job (ie small form factor control of Kinect) to Win8 on ARM later on this year

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    i dunno, the wearable scenario is kind of an edge case i think. it seems to me like most of the stuff big enough to put a kinect on/in will also have room for a laptop. still, embedded would be cool, certinly for 'real' products Smiley

    By the way, active3d apparenty reached V1 for their Intelligent Character Motion , some really cool stuff they got there Smiley there is even a free version, but they havent bumped that to 1.0 yet

    this needs to get into games now Wink


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    @CKurt: Problem is Kinect needs so much processing power that you can't go with lower specs than what was demonstrated by Clint's laptop.

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    @ZippyV: I'm not sure that is true but we will find out. We are currently working on a school project to connect the Kinect to an Ebox and mount it on a robot powered by battery packs without making use of a laptop.

    We hope the Ebox can handle the processing, altough we have been developping the processing on a Windows Machine because then we have the visual representation of the feed we are working with.

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