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Xbox kinect paranormal activity 4

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    After watching paranormal activity 4 i got to thinking about a couple of scenes. they take place in a room where the lights are turned off but the kinect is left on. the camera is then put on infrared mode. you can see all the tracking lights around the room. i was just wondering if that would actually work? On a different note the film was crap.



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    That works. There's been some people who have been using night vision goggles (which apparently also works via infrared) and you can see the patterns with those as well. There's some stuff on youtube, it's pretty interesting. It reminds me of those patterns logitech had on their red trackballs.

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    Everyone's so curious about whether or not it does indeed work. The first thing I wondered was how the hell did that kid get a Kinect in 2006?? They slipped that product placement right under everyone's noses. I wonder if the writers were aware that it didn't hit shelves until a 2010.

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    well, i searched it up on youtube, and it does appear to actually work. and thats a good point. i had never thought about that before. But im sure if one was to really go through all the films there would be many loop holes. for instance, the first one had three or four endings, only in one did she dissapear. the rest she died. silly bunch of films, yet still scare the crap out of me XD

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    The events and story in Paranormal Activity 4 (which is the sequel that uses the xbox 360 and Kinect took place in 2011 not 2006. If you watched the movie at all or read anything about it you would know because the boy who is supposed to be the baby Hunter is now about 5 years old meaning it takes place 5 years after the first and second movie. Gee but I still wonder if the riters were aware the the it didn't hit the shelves until 2010 and they placed a 2010 product in a 2011 based movie. Hm I wonder.

    And to the thing about Katie dying, all the other endings were alternate. The original one and the one that all the sequels except #3 were based off was the one with her disappearing.


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