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Yet another smartphone OS...

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    Blue Ink

    @spivonious:I wouldn't bet on their instant death either: if the phones aren't complete junk they'll find their own supporters. Firefox is a recognizable brand, so it might be tempting for some OEM to try and differentiate. It remains to be seen if and how this can affect Google.

    More specifically, I always thought about Google as the sugar daddy of OSS: creepy beyond belief, but too rich to send packing. This might indicate that something is changing, or at least that Mozilla wants that to change. I have a hunch the IP battlefield is going to become weird...

    Interesting times ahead.

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    The original iPhone didn't have an app store and there weren't going to be native apps. It was all going to be HTML5 apps. Everyone bitched. Mozilla can keep their one size fits all lowest common denominator app approach where everything looks like crap. Screw HTML5 apps.

    On a side note, apps that have their names cut off on the home screen with "..." added makes that platform look like amateur crap. "App Mar..." and "Cut the..."  <-- really?

    It's a shame that the iTunes store is exactly the same with titles of apps, music, and videos.

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    Ion Todirel


    , Bass wrote

    I would like to see an open source, C#/Mono based mobile OS.

    based? assuming "written in", what's wrong with being done with the appropriate tool for the job, and managed wrappers exposed for development?

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    , Bass wrote

    I would like to see an open source, C#/Mono based mobile OS.

    It's not really possible to make a really open-source mobile OS, because of legal constraints regarding the radio stack - specifically that base-band users (i.e. carriers) need to demonstrate that their users cannot be broadcasting traffic on someone else's part of the spectrum - which is pretty hard to do if you're going to be shipping the device with open-source drivers for a general purpose high-energy radio transmitter (which is the antenna of the phone).

    That's why even Android - the open-sourcest of them all - still keeps the radio stack as Google-only closed source.

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    Recent news about Jolla:

    Jolla Mobile to Launch App Store for MeeGo Software
    Finland's Jolla Will Be The Ferrari Of The Smartphone World

    I just tried Firefox OS in Linux virtual environment and I have to say it was better than I expected. They still have lots of work to do but overall it looked quite nice.

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