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    , PopeDai wrote


    As for everyone else: I'm passing your feedback to the team - you are being heard!



    One of the main things about channel 9 is that we want the folks in MS to hear what we have to say!

    for one I wan to build apps that use wpf / xaml but our customers have zero need for windows 8.

    .net 4 and wpf need to keep being supported and actively developed for at least a decade.

    look at how long we have been building apps based on GDI / GDI+ and WPF/xaml need to be looked at in the same kind of lifecycle terms.   business customers want to have a "warm feeling" that a platform will be a safe bet with a VERY LONG life  and that the company that creates it will be on board for that whole time.

    recent moves by MS with Silverlight and WPF and WIndows phone etc... have created a lot of concern that MS is not going to keep up the support and help when we find problems or need new features.

    the Visual Studio team is really a good example of bad support, VS 2010 does not support "smart device projects"  and does not support older versions of the Sql Server Report Viewer control.

    this means that a developer may be forced to keep 2 and 3 versions of VS installed.  not good for the developer and makes it look like MS wants us to dump the older apps.