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    So, I heard on the news yesterday that had been hacked.  This morning, I've got an email in my inbox explaining what happened, what was accessed, and a quick explanation on how to change my current passcode that didn't involve hunting through crazy unfamiliar menus.  They added a link at the top of their homepage designed solely to initiate the password changing process withough having to do any other logging in.

    Hacking will happen, but this is how to handle it.

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    I mistyped and found this. I've never purchased anything from Zappos since I don't usually buy apparel online, but I'd definitely like to try those chips (i.e. "crisps" for the limeys). Smiley

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    Right before the news came out about Zappos being hacked I was looking at their site and thinking about buying some things.  I have big feet and have trouble finding slippers locally that fit, and Zappos was one of the few places I could find online that had large sizes in a variety of styles and colors.

    I guess I'll wait a while to make sure they got things properly cleaned up.


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    Now I know what it was. Kids were looking at it with that guys voice talking about how awesome Zappos is over and over Smiley

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