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Zune audio echo sound

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    I had this problem but the thread has been closed- I'm re-opening it because I have the answer.  If your zune has been REFURBISHED then it is quite possible you have a MONOURIAL jack installed.  I only noticed the problem since all my formats played perfectly from my collection on my computer, but when I played from the zune itself, I would miss some of the vocals or instruments.  I previously had an 80 gig that I bought new and never had that problem.  It took a dive so I bought a referb'd 30 and alot of my "older" recordings sounded "halved".  For example- The Beatles era recordings were alot of the "new" stereo hi-fi type and was alot of lefts and rights.  The vocals were on the left channel and the rest was on the right.  Some tracks I can't even hear the vocals at all thru the zune. You could slightly hear one channel as an "echo" type sound.  It was less noticable on most of my music through my stereo because of the bass, but it was still there.  Guess I need to fork out the 300+ for another new one. =P

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    @chevmech: monaural, not monourial.

    And this would be very easy to fix, if it is indeed the case. First I'd check if your headphones are pushed in the whole way. A stereo jack will only give mono sound if the plug isn't in the whole way.

    If it is indeed a mono jack, then you'll need to swap out the jack for a stereo one. If you're handy with a soldering iron, you can do this yourself. If not, any electronics repair shop should be able to do it for you. Of course, you other option is to simply return the Zune to where you bought it and exchange it for another.

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    Are there equalizer settings? Maybe some of the bars in the EQ are turned down all the way.

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    My bad.  The abbreviation should be MONA.  I see your spell/grammar check is not working properly either, my friend!  =)   Anyway, I digress..... Yes it is plugged in all the way.  The earbuds supplied with the zune produced an echo/reverb sound but it was BOTH channels.  That went away when I bought normal headphones.  This Zune, however, is CLEARLY left channel only.  I would be apprehensive to disassemble the board and solder it myself, I will just have to buy another one... What would be an "easy fix" would be to buy a SANSA or SONY. Thanks to the CRIMINAL DRM crap, that is not in the cards.

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    I have a Sansa Clip  +. It's the 8gb version and I added a 16GB micro SDHC card to it so it's now 24GB. It's tiny, cheap and just shows up on your computer like a flashdrive. You simply drag  the files or folders into either the internal memory or the SD card (they both get a separate drive letter).
    If you don't care about fancy screens this is a great MP3 player.
    Of course I'm assuming this won't help if you have a Zunepass or have DRMed music. I don't know for sure because I've never used DRMed audio files before.

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