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View Thread: almost - eyefinity - 4800x2560 - SOLVED!
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    , jamie wrote

    i have 2 - sapphire 6950's - 2 gb each

     1 - dvi - 1 - vga - 1 - dp - 1 hdmi

    would need fianl res to be  4800 x 2560

    Didnt you need Active adapters? 100$ ea?

    do you think this thing would work?

    also - do you get windows messages that say "windows cannot determine the resolution of displayport...etc.."  Dont show this message again __

    PPS - whats the highest res you can go?

     I bought six of these at $25 each, which do up to 1920x1200.

    I have no experience in video signal splitting, multiplexing, etc. Makes sense that it could do DVI-D to two single DVIs, if your adapter has the right output signal and port, as I understand it. I've never really bothered with the dual link thing.

    No, I don't. I do have some artifacting when Aero Glass is enabled, but that seems to be at the desktop level and not the output level. That is, an artifacted window will stay artifacted as I move it around among the screens. Even to the screens that are on the onboard. So I just turned DWM off.

    My screens support up to 1920x1080, so in six-way Eyefinity mode I can get 5760x2160 or (I would expect) 11520x1080.The card's specs report support for up to 2560x1600, which is obviously per port. So I'd guess it could probably handle 7680x3200 or 15360x1600. Finding games that support it, however, is another story. I like the 1080p screens because I can watch native 2160p video, when I can find any Smiley   With the two onboards on the right, I run total 7680x2160.