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    @wkempf: I don't feel personally attacked but when some comments are out of line against me it is usually that my point is upsetting the other persons vision of the world.  They deal with it by spouting some garbage on me and the great state of Texas.  

    My point is that there is Android and IPhone at the top and Microsoft wanting to move in.  Seems like Microsoft and Apple are at peace with each other but Google is open to battles.   Apple has already given a big offensive hit with its lawsuit against Samsung.   Microsoft is making a few bucks on every Android through strong arm licensing tactics.   Next is disinformation on Android's perceived openness and how hackers are taking advantage of it.  

    Unfortunately, people who love their Android take this as a personal attack.   I like Android too.  I am just stating that I heard this from unnamed Microsoft people at the Build conference.    Microsoft is going to use the same tactic that has been used against it referring to hackers.   Microsoft and their partners like Nokia have a lot invested and they want their market share to go up.