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anyone saved a copy of 'Defrag Tools: #8 - Mark Russinovich' ?

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    Hmmm...... its either my memories are corrupted or something mysterious happened. Devil

    I remember Mark Russinovich talked about a leak of private pdb symbols from a beta version of Windows, but when I watch this video again, I can't find this statement.

    And I noticed that this video was originally released at 9/17, but now it says its 9/22, so it could be edited, for some reason.

    Now, does anyone happened to have a original copy of audio/video this episode ?

    Or, can anyone confirm he did said that, or I'm (re-)imagining this ??

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    The show was a single take with no edits. The only reason for the date change is the fixing of a typo in the description. Mark (nor I, Larry or Chad) never talked about private pdbs of Windows - so no idea what you're referencing.

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    Nice try. We know that you redid the whole video, carefully removing the part about private pdbs (and aliens). You can't hide the truth from us.

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    Ahh... these parallel universes thing causing me general protection faults ...... Perplexed

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    We haven't removed aliens from videos since the Win7 launch. DOH! I've said to much.

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