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buy wordpress?

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    it says its an open sourse project - but someone must own it...

    yes yes -5 (4?) years ago i posted.... buy facebook! ... but i digress


    It seems all websites - use this now... i typed - who owns it? - above is what i got

    You could standardise it / wysiwyg-ize it

    stop it. (lol)


    PS - i did a site for torys best friends daughter with it:    



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    , jamie wrote

    it says its an open sourse project - but someone must own it...

    As stated in that link:">

    I think they also oversee the platform development, though of course since the platform is open source there's nothing to stop you forking it and creating a rival platform (depending on what license they use)

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    DAmn that is a beautiful home page for Robin Moir, Jamie. Wow!

    My son needs one like that...  Angel

    EDIT: she doesn't really sing in Latin, does she? Wink

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    Matt Mullenweg is credited as the original creator of wordpress and runs automattic.   I have talked to Matt, he is a really cool guy and has some great ideas.   He is pro open source and sees his wordpress as a open source community project and not product for sale.   

    With that said, the only thing could be bought would be a hosting company that hosts wordpress websites.  Currently I believe is the largest wordpress hosting company in the world.


    BTW, your website looks like an page.... but I digress.  Tongue Out

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    @pathfinder: But of course, it's an artist's resume/portfolio. The black & white give it class and professionalism.

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