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View Thread: can we as computer scientists really promote code reuse when we ignore it the majority of times?
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    (I really need to get better with my titles)

    I was discussing something this morning with one of my friends, he was showing me a new service... Now this is where you may say, well "service" and code reuse aren't really one in the same.. I disagree because most of these services are software based, a lot of them tend to provide functionality that can be used by outsiders.  Why do we create new photo sharing services when we have flickr, why recreate forum services when we have VBB (or whatever it's called).


    Surely it would be better to reuse these existing services and then work with them to fill the holes we see missing in them.  I find it a little hypocritical to advocate code reuse when I'm busy rolling my own video sharing site.


    rambling thoughts I guess.