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    when I build a .net, c# app, is the resulting assembly 64 bit? I had always assumed it was, but never looked into it. Now that I am doing some C++ work I am finding the 32 bit vs 64 bit thing kind of confusing and time wasting.  I just assumed that a 64 bit app would be backwards compatible with 32 bit somehow. And I also assume that a 64 bit OS would run a 64 bit app better than it runs a 32 bit one. So better to build an app as 64 bit.

    The VS11 C++ project wizards start your project as 32 bit. To change to 64 bit is a little bit clumsy. And then when you run a 64 bit c++ app in debug you get a doughnut for about 6 seconds. This on a 64 bit windows 7 install.

    Now I am getting a link error with a 32bit 3rd party DLL and LIB. So I have to change my project from 64 bit to 32 bit. Which means I have to change a common code DLL I am using in all my projects from 64 to 32 bit. Not that I know what I am doing or anything, so nothing I am saying is definitive. Just pointing out that if Microsoft is touting a c++ revival, there is still work to do in making it easy for hack programmers like myself to get some work done in C++.