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View Thread: does winRT eliminate viruses?
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    ,fanbaby wrote

    One thing that bothers me about a store with an approval stage is how the heck do they know it's safe? There is no way (i'm talking praticality not theory) to check all code paths. So this is just a temporary solution.

    very much true,  the best they can ever do is try, if there is a known exploit / hole / rootkit etc... then can try and check for it.  i can imagine that there will be an on-going need for the store to update the tests they do based on what has been seen and as long as they keep a "Reasonable" set of tests going then at least they are trying.  Users will i am sure be required to hold Microsoft harmless in the event a bad app gets into the store.  some fine print will say so i bet.

    one plus is also that when they find a problem they can notify users  and they should be able to disable the bad app on users machines and possibly also give the user a credit and then MSFT legal can go to the author and sue them etc....