, Charles wrote

De-emphasis? What are you talking about? .NET is a first class citizen in Windows 8.... I don't understand how this thinking has emerged. For one thing, it's wrong. For another, it's wrong....


I think this thinking emerged from mid-2011, with Bob Muglia's 'stragegy has shifted and Silverlight (also WPF) is dead' and Steve Sinofsky's 'HTML5 and Javascript is the way to develop on Windows 8' messages,  the 'C++ Renaissance' also contributes in someway.

articles like these appears and went to Slashdot.


IMHO its the result of the secrecy policy of Sinofsky about Windows 8. Giving a little bit of message once a while and keep mouth shut when people are in doubt and having questions, its very frustrating and kills trusts and confidence.