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View Thread: has Anders commented on WinRT?
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    I'd recommend that you watch this:

    Further, BUILD 2012 will be chalk full of sessions that make all of this even clearer... Do tune in.

    Now, with respect to the comment about C++ developers preferring C#, well, that's simply not true. You use the right tool for the job at hand. Period. For WinRT, a great use case for C/C++ is that of building high performance shared WinRT components (that both .NET and HTML5 applications can call into). Also, you can imagine taking an existing native application (where portable libraries are used in addition to platform specific, and proprietary, UI layers (a la Obj-C and Cocoa Touch on iOS...) and porting them to Win8. Also, if you write games and want to do so with DX, then use C++. Further, if you want to mix XAML and DX in an app (like Bing does, for example), you use C++. It's not apples to oranges. It's using the right tool for the job at hand. Finally, if C++ is your preferred language, then you just use it along with XAML for UI to build modern apps on Win8...

    With WinRT, you can use multiple tools simultaneously to get the job done and in a way that maximizes user experience...

    If you are attending BUILD 2012, then you will learn all that you need to clear up any confusion here. If you can't attend, then you can watch all the sessions right here on C9 on-demand.

    In terms of more Charles to balance native and .NET content, I've done various interviews that cover .NET 4.5, from GC to JIT to Fx installation. I assume you've watched those pieces?