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View Thread: has Anders commented on WinRT?
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    , Charles wrote


    In terms of more Charles to balance native and .NET content, I've done various interviews that cover .NET 4.5, from GC to JIT to Fx installation. I assume you've watched those pieces?

    Yes.  But this did cause me to rethink what is it that is missing.  Maybe it isn't more Charles type content.  Its up to the elbows in code, design, and whys content.  As an example

    Windows API reference for Metro style apps

    Let's delve into these new APIs.  How about the Windows.Foundation.HResult.  Can that be used anywhere we would have PInvoked into Win32 to get the result or is it only applicable for WinRT api triggered results?  The Windows.UI.Xaml.Controls looks prime for some need to know information from the experts.  Maybe there are some gotchas or different defaults from wpf/silverlight past experiences.

    Alas ... "[This documentation is preliminary and is subject to change.]".  No need to read it and catalog an invalid something in a brain cell.  Maybe it is simply too early to even have a conversation.  Let's hope not because they want apps out in the app store sooner than later I've been hearing.

    Note: C9 does not have a WinRT or Win+RT tag.  Also in reviewing the .NET various tags I know there was a lot more content that I had seen than what was coming up under those tags.  If it helps anyone else Windows+8 was an additional tag that reveals more content.  It isn't in the tags listing that I saw but there is content tagged with it.