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That said, I seem to remember a comment when Windows 8 was first demoed publicly by Sinofsky and, Julie Larsen, where there was a remark that made it seem like HTML 5 development had suddenly been raised to a preferred method of developing apps for Windows 8. Of course that's nonsense and anyone with common sense should be able to deduce what was meant. It does show how easily confused people get about future directions.

I'm sure Felix can track down the comment - although it's just for historical curioisity at this point.

Hmm... no, believe it or not, it didnt sounds like the HTML5 is the 'preferred' way, instead, it sounded like HTML5 is the 'only' way for the new UI ! everything else is still supported but just for the old UI !


Discussions here:

People knew it can't be true, but its still 'poor developer communications and PR'

To be fair, Charles clarified this the next day on Channel9 https://channel9.msdn.com/posts/A-quick-look-at-Windows-8#c634425734130000000
but this was almost the ONLY outspoken MS employee for three months, in a comment of a post ! Peter Brown may be another one, everyone else was saying "None of us at Microsoft can say anything until //build/ in September." Ouch.

Even MaryJo Foley wanted to stop the FUD

But people still had this impression in August.

All in all, this ridiculous thinking might be a result of 'speculation', but stupid PR from Microsoft definetively set it off and helped a lot to spread it.

Scott Hanselman was obviously joking in that podcast I mentioned, but the joke itself reflects the situation of reality, isn't it ?

OK. That's all for today's history lessons, lets move along. Tongue Out