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View Thread: has Anders commented on WinRT?
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    @SteveRichter:  I dont quite get it either.   I was doing C/C++ (and still do on some micro controller projects) when PC's were 640k and had an 8086 intel chip.   Yes you needed the performance.   I switched to .NET and managed mainly to speed up development in later years .  Yeah it could run a little faster but nobody really notices anymore with all the power on pc/laptops.   I am not leaving C# for any projects I do now for C++ because Microsoft says its retro and cool.   Sorry its not.. 

    That being said, .Net morphing into WinRT with better performance because it is planned in is great.  You still use C# as you normally do just calling into windows is more direct.  When they get WinRT to cover what the .Net libraries do we will be better off. 

    I dont mind using C/C++ on projects where .Net is not available.   For Charles to say they are bringing back C++ back to where it belongs with C# and VB is just a strange comment.  All of us who started with C/C++ enjoy C# development because it is just plain better and more enjoyable to program.   If I need to write a device driver I am glad the C compiler is still supported but we are comparing apples to oranges.