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View Thread: has Anders commented on WinRT?
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    You can view most of my threads on the MSDN forums:
    ..since the threads I created or participate in are mostly trying to figure things out.

    I've had two guys from the Visual Studio team wanting to chat with me too, but they never connected.

    Doing web for 12 years myself, the HTML5/WinJS is simply a way-too-high-learning-curve-nightmare to use. My main focus was front-end, and my team lead was on the back end and he knows 10x more than I do, and he was struggling to hack things to get them working.

    I've been making stuff for Microsoft for 12 years(we're a vendor), and I've never disliked many projects in those 12 years...this was one of the first ones I'd categorize as "horrible", and that includes working on lots of SharePoint stuff =)