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View Thread: has Anders commented on WinRT?
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    , Charles wrote


    De-emphasis? What are you talking about? .NET is a first class citizen in Windows 8.... I don't understand how this thinking has emerged. For one thing, it's wrong. For another, it's wrong....

    WinRT supports .NET, HTML5 and C/C++. This has been the case since the modern Windows programming model was announced at BUILD 2011.

    So, your base assumption is incorrect, thus this post is irrelevant. That said, Anders works on the C# and VB languages, both of which can be used to build modern Windows 8 style apps. You can also build shared WinRT components in C# or VB that can be used from JavaScript and C++.

    Where's this confusion stemming from? Is it because we (I, especially) have been promoting C++? I've already addressed that aspect several times.... C++ evangelism went mostly dark during the .NET Everywhere years and my goal has been to push native into the forefront (where it belongs), bringing how and when we talk about C++ up to par with .NET content on Channel 9.

    WinRT doesn't pick favorites... If you're a .NET developer, then you're all set. If you're an HTML5 developer, then you're all set. If you're a C/C++ programmer, then you're all set. This can't be made more clear. 



    I have not seen anything from Mr. Anders in ages here on C9  and the coverage on win 8 has been focused more often on the "shiny new bits" that most of the time say nothing about .Net

    that is why many of us feel like .net has been "demoted" and Anders has "gone dark"  heck i wonder if he is leaving or retiering ?

    possibly a job somewhere else ?