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View Thread: has Anders commented on WinRT?
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    @felix9: Well, that's more the result of speculation than reality.

    , felix9 wrote


    I think this thinking emerged from mid-2011, with Bob Muglia's 'stragegy has shifted and Silverlight (also WPF) is dead' and Steve Sinofsky's 'HTML5 and Javascript is the way to develop on Windows 8' messages,  the 'C++ Renaissance' also contributes in someway.

    Nobody has said that HTML5 is "preferred"... It's the newest way to build Windows apps, yes, - and it's frankly quite amazing that you can build powerful modern style client applications in HTML5 on Windows 8 - outside of a browser... Pretty awesome, if you ask me. That said, it's one of three main ways to get to the job done. It's time to get past the "what about .NET?" stuff and accept that in reality .NET is as first class as every other programming model that targets modern style apps on Windows 8.

    Can we move along?