ps - when ever ms launches Metro - they should have more fun with it than just "a pc store in your livingroom" style ad - more like war of the worlds Wink

- opening - graveyard at night

- zoom into fresh mound of earth - rain - lightning

- wooden windows flag logo - all old looking rises out of the dirt...

- zoom out - all ground around it is shaking - rising

- c9 guy sits up from graveyard

- windows flag on chest (shining)

- zoom out - countyside - many HUGE c9 guys with flag logos - dusk

- lights shine from them - turn dark into daylight

- shot of apple tree - zapped /turns to Rib Eye Steak tree

- newspaper blows by: headline "gates says tablet the future - 2001 (or whatever)

- zoom out shot - shows c9 guys with lights turning darkness and graveyards into day / parks/gardens  - moving across the country side



METRO: The OS youve been waiting for.


Awaken the GIANT in you.