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    ..and i digress...


    so - Metro... Boxy....  hmmm. what do i mean by that.


    Well for one - it looks boxy.  It is basically boxes (tiles) all over the screen.

    Have you seen the new Apple campus spacehip? completely round with 100ft glass.  Also - if you havent seen the video of steve jobs himself - talking to the committee of cupertino - youtube it (or soapbox it - oh ya)

    Back to the square tiles.


    I "get" that rather than an icon you click - to see info - that a "tile" shows the most important part of that info - already = why click.


    So all that is good. (info in your face).  but still - it is BOXY haha

    is there no way to have done this so it doesnt look like an excel spreadsheet?

    Rotating wheels of tiles?  Circular tiles?

    how about just please everyone and offer the following:

    -Please choose info UI delivery:

    Circles (Less Efficient!)
    MetroSphere 3D ( no god dont choose it!) 



    *edit - Metro - the Volvo of Touch