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    , bundyum wrote

    My opinion is the whole Microsoft Design language needs a reset.

    On my Windows 10 Surface Pro 3 I've just created a VPN to my workplace, and after successfully setting it up thought I would click on the VPN connections Advanced Options button. The screen that presents (in my opinion) just looks uninspired, bland, like they have taken an intern's summer project and checked it into source control.

    If that screen and the design language which underpins its implementation is the pinnacle of user experience evolution within Microsoft, then I sincerely hope someone at the top echelons of the company feels the same way I (we?) do; otherwise to continue down this path is just nuts!

    The 7 people that actually like the depressing fugly new look and feel will tell you that you need to accept change. However there is a big difference between not accepting change, and not accepting sh*#ty change.

    But as we found out, this is the way it is going to be from now on since so far MS chose to ignore the negative feedback, so we better accept the sh$%ty change and live with it.

    And I agree with your assessment that this was an intern's summer project. Since the 1st beta release of W8, we saw the UI go through so many changes that it is clear they had no direction, clue or experience with UI design. First all drop shadows were removed. Then the drop shadow was brought back for the active window only. Then it was brought back for all windows. And the window borders, start button/menu, settings, and other things went through a similar identity crises. Whoever designed the UI did a crash course on UI design.