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    , spivonious wrote


    Wait, did you really just complain about proper DPI scaling? If you want your app to show more on bigger screens, then you design your UI to be responsive and show more when on bigger screens. This is all baked into the UA platform.

    What I mean is, to keep UA controls accessible with fingers, there is a physical minimum size they can be (I don't know, say 0.5 x 0.5"). This limits the control density, regardless of your display DPI. So a real application like a DAW cannot be realistically designed using finger controls, there is just too much functionality.

    And I hate applications with multiple floating windows. They always get lost behind other windows or get in the way on top of something I'm trying to work with. Let me dock them in the main window.

    No, we are talking about a real DAW, not a DJ mixing app. That is just how DAWs are used. With multiple monitors. With many open windows at the same time spread across multiple monitors. You often need to tweak multiple plugins per channel across multiple channels to get the desired sound. If you need to open/close windows endlessly to get to each of these plugins, it will interfere with this workflow.

    See that is part of the problem, the new gen UI designers at MS are so out of touch with real world use cases, they think everything can be reduced to a dumbed down finger app.

    So this is the future of computing? Sad. Especially considering the "quality" of the junk you find in the Store. So far I have not found a single app I'm impressed with, or found useful at all.

    As I said before, my SP3 doesn't qualify as a tablet because it isn't realistic to use as a tablet given the lack of quality apps. That is why I had to break down and get a iPad Air 2 so I can have a real tablet (after previously vowing, as a card-carrying MS fanboy, never to get an Apple product. However I since decided life is too short to wait for MS to stop flailing around and fix this mess).