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View Thread: how about this: make a COMPLICATED metro app
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    , bondsbw wrote


    My thinking is that the same is true of most of these apps.  90% of the features were left out obviously because of design decisions or time constraints.

    And it's for this reason Microsoft should be ashamed of itself. They did this before with WP7/8 and W8 and all were big disappointments. You could make the argument that they will make it better over time but that excuse didn't make the recent predecessors to W10 successful either.

    By putting out this half-baked apps on a half-baked OS they end up alienating both consumer and developer as Microsoft fails to show why people should want to consume or develop for the platform in the first place.

    We all know how great W10 and UWP could be but we also know what Microsoft's track record has been so it's hard to trust them -- especially when they keep repeating the same mistakes..