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i bought a polaroid (yes polaroid) tablet - 100 bucks. works great.

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    what else is there to say.

    I WISH i could buy an ipad or WINDOWS tablet - but they are.... ummm....  800 dollars!

    so lots of kids I know got this polaroid thing for xmas

    (i have already bought 3 - iconias @ 300 each... this polaroid - 8 inch - is like a kindle in feel and weight- but in colour + fast.  They stupidly removed the google play store so you need to use imobil or whatever- but - its great!  the camera sucks - the UI is hard - but its....100 bucks

    (angry birds /all .... 10000s of aps - there are good ones - way better than ms store at least)

    I would have flooded the market with 100 dollar win8 tabs inf i were you... too bad lots of kids have to learn googles way of doing things ugly.


    *think of the children!


    edit: and yes i compare the quality of the device with the iconia - a little slower. its got android 4 - but the little icons still look stupid - and things still freeze ... but...100....





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    i thnk we are closing in on a price point - maybe 30 bucks cost to corps - (or less) that could lead to being GIVEN a - say - grocery chain -  tablet free  - or other markets where the stickiness makes sence


    edit - good luck with that 800 dollar - pretend your ipad with a million EXCELLENT apps strategy.

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    , jamie wrote

    the camera sucks

    It's actually got a polaroid camera and built in scanner to digitise the images... Tongue Out

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