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    While I don't think it will ever really be possible (as someone with an electronics engineering background), it would have been great if "Wireless Charging" really meant wireless charging as in distances up to, say 30ft. Well you can technically (see Nikola Tesla), but that will be extraordinary inefficient and will never get past the people that believe the small amounts of magnetic radiation we have in the air right now is going to kill everybody. If/when we do solve that problem though, maybe then we can throw all ports away (maybe sooner if "wireless charging" does take off).

    I still think that as it is implemented today, it is a bit gimmicky since you need to place the phone physically on the changing base. "Wireless" is a bit of a deceptive term in this case. Yes, wireless over 1/8th of an inch, sure.

    Also nobody has been able to tell me whether placing my wallet next to the charging base will wipe my credit cards or not.