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    , Blue Ink wrote

    @BitFlipper: Nope. This is how micro USB foils your statistics:

    You try to plug it in casually, doesn't work. So you flip it over and try agan. Doesn't work either, so you go back to the first position and use a little more determination. If it still doesn't fit, then you flip it a third time and press real hard.

    In the few occasions where that doesn't work either, you stop the car and turn on the light.

    That's what I said. The new Apple connector isn't going to help you align it up any better than a microUSB. It's only going to give you a better chance if finally getting it in. IOW, it doesn't help at all with the alignment. Might cut down slightly on the amount of time you struggle, but seriously, that justifies a whole new proprietary connector that will cost all Apple customers extra $$ and require an extra converter to hook up to any standard accessories?

    Sorry, I just don't buy that kind of justification for something that was clearly done by Apple to gouge more $$ from its customers. And you fall for it?