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    , Craig_​Matthews wrote

    Mapping wasn't the only casualty. Podcast playback was taken out of the iTunes app and put in its own Podcasts app --- this app had been available on the iTunes store for several months and it was almost universally reviled (people who think iPhone users are sheep should think about that for a few minutes). The thing barely works, is slow, plays podcasts in the wrong order, doesn't sync with desktop iTunes, and is generally useless.

    Not sure I'm suggesting a connection or not, but it's kinda funny in a sort of way how these bad decisions started happening after Jobs died. If it continues, it'll certainly be remembered that way.

    I hate most things apple, but if the bar for suckitude is how crappy your podcasting works, then pretty much every podcast app sucks. 

    I've never used one that didn't eventually lose its mind and have issues with syncing.