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    , Ray7 wrote

    The fact is that GPS navigation systems have been giving duff advice for years, and yes, sometimes that advice has proven fatal.

    You can't seriously be comparing the typical GPS error rate to that of iOS6 Maps.

    Apple's data is taken and amalgamated from different sources world wide. Apple then does some jiggery-pokery to present a consistent(?) global service. The problem could possibly lie with the jigging or the poking, rather than the data itself.

    So basically even in their "apology" Apple once again succeeds in deceiving people. They claim the data is 99% correct, implying that you'd only have problems with 1% of the data (that's what we are supposed to think, right?). But in reality it's not so much the data that is the problem, but the inability to extract, calculate and present that data reliably to the user. In that regard it is much less than 99% accurate.

    By now, Apple probably has about a billion search hits on their mapping service, along with requests for alternatives searches, and bug reports made directly from the application. They also ran it as a beta trial for a while and so I think they have enough information to make a fairly decent guess.

    Yet this "beta" of theirs somehow completely failed to anticipate the magnitude of problems people will run into (no-one noticed the borked roads underneath bridges?). Apple completely bit off too much. They are not a mapping company. You don't get to become a mapping company overnight. There is no way they can fix this thing in a short amount of time. Sure they are fixing the most obvious errors - the ones being posted online to show what a joke Maps is. Now they are creating the illusion that they are fixing the problems fast, yet if there are so many problems in the obvious places, how long is it going to take them to fix all the problems everywhere else? The world is quite large, you know.

    BitFlipper wrote:

    What really gets me is how Apple essentially admitted Maps is a failure and people should be using competing products, yet you still find Apple fans claiming it isn't that bad or that people are over-reacting. Which part of "Apple just admitted it is a POS" don't they get?

    Ray7 wrote:

    Because Apple fans understand something that you don't: the internet is the world's biggest echo chamber. You've got a number of factors...

    I rest my case.

    Why can't people like you just accept it when Apple screws up, and not keep making weak excuses for them? Once again even Apple tells you it is a POS and to go and use the competition's products. How can you guys still not be able to accept it? My feeling is that it is the hardcore Apple fans that fear Apple's precious "Apple Quality" is taking a serious beating and it is hard to deal with it. "Apple Quality" doesn't mean anything these days anymore. The Maps problem isn't the only issue with the iPhone 5, there are also the hardware issues, but I'm sure you are aware of those too.