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    @magicalclick: I can see it, sure. If I look at my phone and then at the connector, I can switch it on in one go. But that doesn't work in the dark, or when I'm in some sort of awkward position, and it takes effort, stupid as that may sound. I just want to be able to plug it in without first examining both connector and socket.

    I can't feel the shape of the connector with my fingers. I could with mini USB, but not with micro. Also, it's impossible to feel for the shape of the socket because the phone's bezel is higher than the socket. So even if I could feel the way the connector is oriented, I have no idea how it's supposed to go in my phone.

    Basically it's just a lot of fiddling. It needs to be as easy as plugging a device into an electrical outlet. Like plugging a charger into a laptop. Headphones into whatever takes headphones. All these devices have plugs that go in upside down, for the exact reason that they are easy to plug in that way. Why does a USB charger have to be different?