, Bas wrote

I love that connector. I personally can't stand fiddling with the micro-usb connector on my phone. I turn it over at least three or four times.

My GPS is even worse. I'm suspecting TomTom of making it deliberately hard to plug in without actually grabbing the device, turning it upside down and looking at the socket, in order to prevent you from plugging your device in while driving.

If it serves no other purpose than that (did they really drop the whole video/audio output over the connector thing? That seems... odd) then yeah, it's not much of an advantage over micro-usb, but still. I guess I just wish USB was orientation-agnostic.

If you don't like fiddling with the micro USB port (who does?), the ultimate solution is not a symmetric port but wireless charging, assuming you can leave the charger permanently plugged in.