, Blue Ink wrote

It's the second underwhelming iPhone release in a row, and the aggressive pricing seems to reflect this; I wonder if this is an effect of the lack of Steve Jobs at the helm or it's just that there's only so much you can improve in a smartphone these days.

But the *first* underwhelming iPhone release went on to be their best selling phone, and that had even *fewer* changes than the iPhone it succeeded. As far as I can see, the prices have remained the same: a hair's width above 'outrageous'. Given the deal they get on components, they can certainly afford to shave off a few quid.

Steve Jobs? The time Apple takes to design a product means that he not only was hands-on on this model, but also the 'S' version that will be released next year.

Haven't had a look at the cable, but if it can only be used for syncing and charging then I can see a lot of car owners switching to a different phone.