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    , elmer wrote

    Essentially, customers are collateral damage in Apple's war with Google, and it's clear that Apple think they are able to absorb that one and still 'win'.

    I don't think it's anything to do with the so-called 'war'. Apple employs this strategy when its partners aren't doing what it wants them to do.

    Adobe wouldn't make Flash work efficiently on iOS, so Apple pulled Flash support and Flash Mobile died.

    EPEAT wouldn't register the Macbook Pro Retina, so Apple pulled all its products from EPEAT. A few days later, all Apple's gear is back under EPEAT, including the Retina machine.

    Google refuses to allow turn-by-turn navigation and voice control in the service delivered to iOS. Apple cuts 100million users from Google's ad stream overnight. My guess is that Google will release their own app ... with turn-by-turn navigation.

    Why is turn-by-turn navigation and voice navigation so important? 

    Apple has signed deals with the major car manufacturers to support their 'Eyes Free' initiative, starting next year. There's a lot to play for.