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    , BitFlipper wrote


    You can't seriously be comparing they typical GPS error rate to that of iOS6 Maps.


    No, I was merely addressing your bout of hysteria by pointing out that the errors in Maps were not going to cause people drive off into ravines in droves. The number of stupid people on the planet has not suddenly doubled because Apple release buggy software.

    So basically even in their "apology" Apple once again succeeds in deceiving people. They claim the data is 99% correct, implying that you'd only have problems with 1% of the data (that's what we are supposed to think, right?).

    Now, you're gettin' it! 

    I think you're ready for the real shocker now: that wasn't so much an apology as a ransom note addressed to Google. 

    But in reality it's not so much the data that is the problem, but the inability to extract, calculate and present that data reliably to the user. In that regard it is much less than 99% accurate.

    Yes, I'd go with that. So would Apple, since they've gone to great lengths to point out that the data is accurate and that problem is theirs to fix. I guess the reason they're okay with that is that problems with the data would take longer to put right. 

    Yet this "beta" of theirs somehow completely failed to anticipate the magnitude of problems people will run into (no-one noticed the borked roads underneath bridges?).

    Do you honestly believe that in three years of development no one noticed that the Hoover Dam looked a bit squiffy? No, this is a power play to get Google to build a decent mapping application for the iOS platform. Will they do it, or will they say goodbye to 100 million users (and counting)? My guess is that they'll build it how Apple wants them to build it.

    I have to say, I find this all fascinating. I've never seen a company play fast and loose with its reputation in order to get what it wants. Jobs did it with Flash (and won), Cook did it again with EPEAT (and won), and he's doing it again with Maps (jury's still out), and they've been doing it for years with the Samsung case.

    Apple completely bit off too much.

    Group 2 (those who worship Jobs) forget that he made quite a few mistakes during his second coming. The most remarkable CEO of his generation? Undoubtedly. Infallible? Not by a long shot. He made two glaring errors which the company is still trying to set right: allowing Eric Schmidt onto the board of directors, and not seeing the importance of mapping ten years ago.

    They are not a mapping company.

    Really? Gosh. You know what else they weren't?

    An MP3 Player company.

    They also weren't a music store.

    or a movie store.

    Or a company that knew anything about mobile phones.

    Or tablets.

    Up until six years ago they didn't know jack about processor design.

    Or memory optimisation.

    But let's hold that thought, shall we?

    You don't get to become a mapping company overnight.


    They're not trying to be a mapping company. All they're doing is presenting data from third party partners. 

    There is no way they can fix this thing in a short amount of time. Sure they are fixing the most obvious errors - the ones being posted online to show what a joke Maps is. Now they are creating the illusion that they are fixing the problems fast, yet if there are so many problems in the obvious places, how long is it going to take them to fix all the problems everywhere else? The world is quite large, you know.

    The world is large and mapped 99% correctly. If the problem is Apple's map rendering, then fixing the underlying cause of the problem will fix a lot of the erroneous results. If that isn't the problem then it will take a lot longer to fix. Either way, Google will step with an iOS application in fairly short order, which I think is the real reason behind this game Apple's playing.

    Why can't people like you just accept it when Apple screws up, and not keep making weak excuses for them? Once again even Apple tells you it is a POS and to go and use the competition's products. How can you guys still not be able to accept it? My feeling is that it is the hardcore Apple fans that fear Apple's precious "Apple Quality" is taking a serious beating and it is hard to deal with it. "Apple Quality" doesn't mean anything these days anymore. The Maps problem isn't the only issue with the iPhone 5, there are also the hardware issues, but I'm sure you are aware of those too.

    I understand your frustration. Each time Apple trips, they get up, brush it off and make another few billion. You want them to fail because you cannot understand why they're successful, and the selfish so-and-sos refuse to accommodate you. That's fair enough; I feel the same way about Manchester United, but turning your frustration on Apple's customers won't help you or make a difference to them, because they're already Apple's harshest critics, and always have been. 

    I dunno though; if some idiot does manage to get hurt or killed using the Apple Maps, then the outcry could be fatal for Apple, so keep your fingers crossed, eh? ... Wink