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    , BitFlipper wrote

    This is pretty much the definition of form over function.

    Check this, this, this.

    But hey, it makes for a pretty demo. I've already seen reviews where they "forget" to mention the maps.

    The thing is you can't fix something like this in a week or two. Supposedly the maps are out of date all over the place. It's not a simple one line bug fix. And it's not like they are going to go back to Google maps again.

    The map data is sourced from third parties such as TomTom. When folk try the same searches on TomTom products they get better results, so it does look like the problem is at Apple's end. 

    Apple notes that 99% of the mapping data is correct. The problem is that when you're talking about mapping data, 1% errors is a massive number of failures. 

    One recurring problem with the 3D stuff is roads that go under buildings or bridges; they get drawn over the top of them, which is mind-blowing.  If the world looked like that I wouldn't leave the house.